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“We have a saying here at the agency,” I read on, “Market to the heart, and sell to the head.” Since this week I’m focusing my Bankruptcy in Indiana articles on the psychological aspects of practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, I think that “slogan” really relates to the work I do.

Purematter goes on to explain that “you need both sides of the brain to execute a well-oiled plan.” The problem is, as I explained last week in my Bankruptcy in Indiana article, whenever we humans are under a great deal of stress (and that is certainly true of just about every person who visits one of our five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices) we tend to function mainly under the control of the more primitive, emotional parts of our brain, with the hominid brain (the reasoning part) “turned off”.

Now, I read about the hominid brain in a behavioral science journal.  Truth is, though, after more than 25 years practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, I was all too familiar with the stress signs people show when they are considering filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana, Indiana small business bankruptcy, or both.  If clients have received notices from the IRS or foreclosure notices, or their car’s been repossessed, or the student loan debt and payday loan debt people have been calling, the stress symptoms are double strength.

What is needed from our Indiana bankruptcy lawyers then becomes very clear.  Before anything positive can happen, we need to inject calm and supportiveness into the situation. We know from our experience offering Indiana bankruptcy help to more than 30,000 individuals at Zuckerberg Law that nothing positive can get done, no important decisions can be made, until we first deal with the emotions and explode the myths and misinformation.  (Once the reptilian and mammalian brain is calmed, the hominid brain can come back into power.)  We know how important it is to just listen to people when they need to talk – about their family, their business, their health problems and financial problems.
In my line of work, I've learned that life can be brutal, but, (and this may be surprising to some people), bankruptcy need not be.  Bankruptcy in Indiana means so much more than just survival.  It means a chance for a fresh financial start and new hope.




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