Affordable Attorney for Bankruptcy in Indiana Aghast at Arsons

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Not again, I’ve been thinking.  Almost four years ago, I titled one of these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles “Where There’s a Foreclosure, Is There Fire?”  Just as the housing market was beginning to collapse, insurance companies were getting really worried.  More and more homeowners were seeing arson as a way out of their financial woes.

Since an important part of my work as a longtime attorney for Indiana bankruptcy is to help stop foreclosure, I wanted to be sure we got the word out that there’s a better solution than setting fires for getting back on one’s financial feet.

Then, two years ago, I was happy to report to all my colleagues in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices that arsons appeared to be “cooling down.”  The Property Casualty Insurance Association of America reported a downward trend in arsons nationally. 

You can imagine how upset I was to read in the Indianapolis Star earlier this month that arson is again on the rise,  “Of the 259 confirmed cases so far this year, 66 have been vacant homes,” Kate Jacobson and Bill McCleery reported. What’s even worse to me as an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney, the report came from Indianapolis fire officials.  A breakdown of the 259 Marion County arsons revealed that 66 of them involved vacant homes!

One of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyers  urged me to keep writing about this problem in my Bankruptcy in Indiana articles. It’s crucial that my readers understand how foreclosure works and how filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana is affordable and can often help stop foreclosure.

  • Through filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana, you may be able to save your home. The big question is this: If you were up-to-date on your mortgage now, could you keep up-to-date on your other bills? If so, Indiana bankruptcy could well save your home or that other piece of real property.
  • Immediately….when you file bankruptcy, your mortgage lender must stop any pending foreclosure. However…and this is important… this assumes you file bankruptcy before the Sheriff sale and have not filed other bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, we set up a plan of repayment for you. You are generally given many months to catch up, without interest or additional late fees.

Best of all, saving a home through bankruptcy means saving a home without breaking the law or endangering innocent humans or pets!




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