American Airlines Begins Its Fresh Financial Start, Notes Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Almost one year ago, I was writing about American Airlines in my Bankruptcy in Indiana articles. I wanted to bring out the point that, despite the many bankruptcy myths about how life will be interrupted by filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana, the truth is that life mostly goes on as usual, just without all the pressures that led up to the bankruptcy. American Airlines was a great example of that, because it continued to operate flights, honor tickets, and take reservations.

As a longtime debt consolidation lawyer who’s helped tens of thousands file personal bankruptcy in Indiana, I thought my readers could learn a valuable lesson from the American Airlines story: Going into bankruptcy, American had a plan in place for emerging from that bankruptcy. The company’s leaders wasted no time bemoaning their lot – they got right to work fixing the situation.  That’s precisely the attitude that all the Indiana lawyers for bankruptcy who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices would like to see in our clients.

Don’t focus on getting back to the kind of lifestyle you once enjoyed, we teach..  Don’t focus on keeping up with the Joneses. Work on making a fresh financial start and building a sustainable, regular income and on learning to live within a new financial reality.

OK, so now it’s almost a year later.  I was absolutely delighted to read the following headline:
                          “American Airlines to hire 1,500 flight attendants”

“The hiring plan is in stark contrast to the Fort Worth-based airline’s months-long effort to cut costs as it restructures in bankruptcy court.  American must have enough workers to fly its routes, and its business is showing improvement…”

One of the favorite sayings of the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who work with me is “It’s easier to rebuild credit after bankruptcy.”  The American Airlines story is a good example of that.
The new bankruptcy laws in Indiana represent nothing less than a chance to turn your life around and get back into “operating mode” once more, just the way American Airlines is doing!.

A heavy burden of debt keeps people grounded.  Bankruptcy gives debtors a chance to “fly” once again.




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