Attorney for Bankruptcy in Bloomington, Indiana Reads Riot Act to Creditors Who Break Laws

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For twenty five years I’ve been helping Indiana debtors seek protection.  You see,breaking laws protection is the whole point of the new bankruptcy laws of Indiana – they’re designed to protect honest debtors from harassment by creditors.

I polled all the Indiana bankruptcy attorneys who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices to see what they see as the main point of personal bankruptcy in Indiana.

  • Anderson bankruptcy lawyers chose: 
    Buying time for debtors to recover from problem situations beyond their control.
  • Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyers chose:
    Offering debtors a chance for a fresh financial start.
  • Columbus bankruptcy lawyers chose:
    Protecting honest debtors from harassment by creditors.

So, what exactly makes the difference between creditors just trying to get what’s due them and those who break the law? I thought it might be useful to my Bankruptcy in Indiana readers to present this list of “no-no’s” – things debt collectors are forbidden to do:

Creditors can’t “inflate”. In other words, they can’t ask for more than you owe, or add extra fees onto the sum.

Creditors can’t “pester”. 
They can’t call before 8AM or after 9PM or on Sunday, and they’re not allowed to call you at work if you’ve asked for that not to happen. (And here’s an important one for after bankruptcy:) They can’t call twice, once they’ve been told the debt has already been discharged in bankruptcy.

Creditors can’t be violent.  They can’t do intentional damage either to your possessions or to your reputation.

Creditors can’t threaten.  They can’t hold over your head promises to sue, to garnish wages, or to wreck your credit score.

Creditors can’t “gossip”. They can’t disclose your debt to a third party.

If these things are happening despite the law, your next step might be to inform the Indiana Attorney General’s office or the Better Business Bureau.  But, if that doesn’t help, it’s time to call a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana. And it doesn’t matter if you used a bankruptcy lawyer for filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana or if you took the do-it-yourself route.

If a creditor is breaking the law, it’s time to strike back.  After all, you filed bankruptcy to gain protection from creditors, protection you’re not getting.  When the courts discover that rules are being disregarded and disrespected, you might even qualify for financial damages. 


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