Bankruptcy in Indiana Readers Learn from Real Housewife

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Believe me, although the majority of clients of my Indiana bankruptcy law practice happen to be women, the world in which I operate is a far cry from the Real Housewives  of Orange County milieu. Still, the headline story about reality show star Peggy Tamous filing individual bankruptcy caught my attention. In fact, I realized, there are several aspects of Tamous’ case that demonstrate points I want to share with my Bankruptcy in Indiana readers.

One very strange aspect of Tamous’ bankruptcy Chapter 7 is that she filed her original documents under the status “divorced”.  Yet, on Twitter, as reports, Peggy refers to her husband Michah regularly and has posted photos of them together months after the filing!   Now, the fact that Peggy Tamous filed bankruptcy is in no way startling.  As every good bankruptcy attorney in Indiana well knows, the number of American women filing bankruptcy today is close to ten times what it was thirty years ago.

The connection between bankruptcy and divorce is the subject of many misconceptions which we hear about from visitors to all five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices.  If, in fact, Peggy T. was legally married at the time of the bankruptcy filing, she might still have chosen to file personal bankruptcy without her husband having to file as well. On the other hand, if she had planned to get a divorce, it would have made sense for her to wait to file her bankruptcy case until after the divorce was complete.  The property and marital debts would have already been divided and the situation would have been much more clear.

Another detail of the case that was interesting to me is that Tamous had filed a lawsuit against several banks she claimed were trying to force her into foreclosure.  A lot of my work involves using Chapter 13 bankruptcy law to help stop foreclosure.

A third aspect of the story that I find strange is that Peggy Tamous’ husband Micah is an internet marketing entrepreneur.  It’s so ironic, I think, that Peggy would sign bankruptcy paperwork listing herself as “divorced” and then post on the internet photos of her doing things with her husband and tweeting that “Being married is awesome.”

“Social media has evolved into a fundamental pillar of communication in today’s society,” say Justin Murphy and Adrian Fontecilla of Bloomberg Law. “ Not surprisingly, this exploding medium significantly impacts government investigations and criminal litigation because social media factors into the majority of cases in some respect.”

Believe me, in the world of bankruptcy lawyer Mark Zuckerberg, the process of filing personal and small business bankruptcy in Indiana is rarely as complex as it seems to be with the Real Housewives of Orange County!


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