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I’ve been told I’m “the best bankruptcy lawyer in Indiana”, but even after more than 26 years practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, I could never tell about the benefits of filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana half as well as the people who wrote in to to share their experiences and bring hope to others.

Each one of the stories I selected for sharing with Bankruptcy in Indiana readers brings out an important point about the way the new Indiana bankruptcy laws work in the real world.

Story One background:  

I.L.Guy, age 43, is just coming off 18 months of treatment for Hepatitis C, which he’d caught from “his cheating Ex”.  The side effects of I’s pain medications, including loss of vision, stopped him from doing his commission-only real estate sales job. He’s not eligible for unemployment benefits and his condo is “upside down”.

“I hate facing the fact (of filing bankruptcy), but it would be so refreshing to start fresh and leave the worry behind.”

While high medical bills alone may not force otherwise financially healthy individuals to file for bankruptcy, medical problems and expenses harm individuals and families in a number of ways. Every attorney in the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices has helped battle the two effects of medical expenses:

  • Income loss. When injury of illness causes people to take significant time off work, they lose pay and have trouble paying bills.
  • Loss of safety net savings. Expensive medical procedures drain savings accounts, so if other emergencies come up, there's no money to cover those costs.



Story Two background:

“No one is to blame but me.  Yet I find this as no reason to be ashamed.  I fell behind with mortgage payments due to car repairs and the process didn’t fix itself. Things happen in life and I am thankful there is a net to catch me even if it is the last resort. I am about to fix it all by filing for Chapter 13. I am blessed to still have my job and can afford to make all my payments and back owed payments too.  I encourage anyone that feels they have no choice to make this choice, too.  I feel GREAT about it…”

Three years ago, one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues circulated an MSN article whose message was this: "Bankruptcy is often considered the smartest option for people struggling with mountains of debt. That isn't just the opinion of attorneys…it's a view shared by lenders, mortgage brokers, and even collection agencies."



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