Bankruptcy Lawyer in Indiana Revisits Vallejo Story

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Bankruptcy recovery stories deserve to be shared. Five years ago, in one of my earliest Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, I shared the news about the town of Vallejo, California being one of the very first municipalities to file bankruptcy.

Well, just a week ago, a followup to that news story was published in the California Report –  A City in Recoyery: Vallejo After Bankrkuptcy. At all five Zuckerberg Bankruptcy law offices, we passed around that article by reporter Scott Shafer. Why? Because, in our work, all of us Indiana bankruptcy lawyers put the emphasis, not on the filing stage of bankruptcy in Indiana, but on the end result, the recovery stage.

"We traveled to Vallejo this month," Shafer reports, "to see what scars remain from the bankruptcy – and how people
have adapted." Vallejo resident Ann Smith, who started the website Vallejo's Lamplighter, reported: "I think people are really motivated and interested in turning the town around and making sure we go back to being the kind of community we all envision."

One sign of a successful Indiana bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is just that ort of renewed hope and positive attitude.  As a longtime debt consolidation lawyer, in fact, I feel that helping to bring about that positivity is what my work in offering Indiana bankruptcy help is all about.

As one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues pointed out after reading the Vallejo article, it's the same with married couples and business partners. If they push through the bankruptcy process to a successful conclusion, sticking together as a team, their relationship actually improves.

"For Vallejo," the article concludes, "the worst of bankruptcy is over" Still, city manager Dan Keen doesn't recommend it. "Bankruptcy can be a morale killer," he declares.

After practicing Indiana bankruptcy law for more than twenty-six years, I'd say to him, "Sure, it can be. However," I'd add, "It doesn't have to be that way." The trick is to begin with the end in mind – successfully emerging from bankruptcy and grabbing the chance to make a fresh financial start.



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