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From the Experience Project, I’ve been sharing stories told by real people who are either about to file individual bankruptcy or who have already gone through the process.  This is powerful stuff.  Even after so many years offering  Indiana bankruptcy help,  I could never tell about the benefits of filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana half as well as the people who told their own stories on this website. (And since my colleagues and I in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices aren’t free to share information about our clients, it’s wonderful to be able to use these already published true tales of people who are actually going through the bankruptcy court process).

Story Five background:  (see Monday’s and Wednesday’s articles for the first four stories)

“ I started the process by paying my attorney and organizing all the required paperwork last week.  I feel guilty and embarrassed…does anyone else have these feelings?  The worst part was having to tell my son what’s going on.  I felt like a total failure.”

An article I’ve shared with Bankruptcy in Indiana readers back in 2007 comes from a Pennsylvania attorney named Mr. Otto. Otto talks about all the negative feelings that debtors tend to have about themselves when it comes to using bankruptcy services. Some of these negative feelings are caused by the real financial problems people are facing, but very often the bulk of the negativity comes from this myth about being a deadbeat.

Mr. Otto suggests that debtors deal directly with their own feelings about bankruptcy, rather than repressing them.  One of the main things he advises is to stop laying blame – stop blaming others, and most important, stop blaming yourself, he says. Have self-compassion, he tells people going through a bankruptcy, exactly what I tell all my clients who are filing either personal or small business bankruptcy in Indiana.

Story Six background:

Rather than filing for bankruptcy, SP chose a debt consolidation program.  Obviously, that has not worked out as hoped:

“I just quit my debt program today. They won’t accept the debt programs offers. I have absolutely nothing to lose by bankruptcy and I really don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago.“

I think it’s important for a debt consolidation lawyer like me to define the different debt relief options being offered via phone solicitation and via the Internet. Apparently, SP has been working with a company that offered to consolidate all his bills into one monthly payment. One problem all of us Indiana bankruptcy lawyers find with this arrangement, even when the debt consolidation company is following all the rules, is exactly what is happening with SP creditors – they never promised to accept the lower payment terms. Meanwhile, the consumer had paid nonrefundable fees up front.

In SP’s situation, you see, the creditors remained in control. When you file personal bankruptcy in Indiana, on the other hand, you are putting the creditors under control!


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