Beware Late-Nite TV Debt Relief, Warns Indianapolis Lawyer for Bankruptcy

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 Late-night TV watching can be very bad for your financial health, I want to again warn all Bankruptcy in Indiana readers.  And, if you don’t believe me, just catch the recent news about TaxMasters.  You remember the redheaded guy on cable, telling you that he and his crew of former IRS agents have helped “good people just like you” battle the IRS? 

For more than twenty-five years, as a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana, I’ve been trying to get a message of my own across to “good people just like you”.

The tens of thousands of those good people I’ve been able to help at the four Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices have understood that the way to a fresh financial start does NOT begin at 2:30 AM on their television set.  Whether the best road is bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana or filing personal bankruptcy using Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, or neither of these, the important thing is not to allow precious “time windows” to close before checking out the legitimate options for financial help.

One of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues has been collecting news items about these late-nite TV advertisers. Here are just a few of the things she learned:

  • Just one month ago, after Houston-based TaxMasters had been accused by attorney generals in two states of deceptive business practices, the company filed bankruptcy.
  • Another late-night regular advertiser, JKHarris & Co, sued by two states and thousands of unhappy customers, filed bankruptcy last October. 
  • Roni Deutch (“the Tax Lady”) not only filed for bankruptcy last year, she surrendered her law license!

It’s very typical for me to learn, from clients visiting me to ask for Indiana bankruptcy help, that they have first tried other avenues in their attempt to gain relief from creditors. A single mom might have tried to get student loan debt help by negotiating with her lenders – to no avail. A couple trying to keep their mortgage paid after a job loss may have tried to negotiate a mortgage modification – unsuccessfully – and now they need my help to stop foreclosure.  Other debtors may have made payments for many months into a “debt consolidation plan”, only to learn their credit card debt has skyrocketed through late payment fees and increased interest rates. Many, in desperation, have reached the point where they need payday loan debt help from me.

There’s one thing you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg and about bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana in general: An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Indiana can offer counseling on managing money and budgeting. An experienced attorney for bankruptcy can offer debt consolidation and legal advice about dealing with tax debt.  Only a lawyer can offer legal advice.

But, (and here’s “the thing”)  There’s a reason government regulators and consumer advocates continue to put unscrupulous firms promising quick-fixes on late-night TV out of business!


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