Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to the Rescue

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If you’re a handyman (or woman), you know how important it is to use the right tool for the right job. Chapter 13 bankruptcy law in Indiana is a tool designed to help stop foreclosure.

life buoysDo you go straight for that tool at the very first sign of a problem keeping up with your mortgage? Of course not.  This is my 25th year as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help.  You can be sure that, especially in recent years, every one of the Indiana bankruptcy attorneys who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices tries negotiation first. 

In fact, ever since the beginning of the housing downturn, we’ve all become experts in negotiating mortgage modifications.  When that process has proven unsuccessful (with most of the problems being on the creditors’ end, not ours!), it’s only then we reach for the blockbuster tool which Chapter 13 bankruptcy represents.

Just like bankruptcy Chapter 7 Indiana, filing under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law immediately triggers the Automatic Stay, putting a halt to almost all collections efforts and legal actions against you (child support , tax and legal obligations are examples of exceptions to this rule).

The reasons Chapter 13 is the perfect tool to help stop foreclosure, and the reason that I, a longtime bankruptcy lawyer in Indiana always explore this possibility with clients who want to file personal bankruptcy in Indiana  include:

Chapter 13, as Bankruptcy explains, consists of a debt repayment plan.  In most cases, foreclosure is put off while the homeowner works out a plan to catch up with the back payments over time (three to five years).

One other aspect of Indiana bankruptcy imformation it’s important to share is that other, unsecured, debts can be discharged (forgiven) under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, freeing up money to keep up the payments on the mortgage.

If there is a second mortgage or home equity loan, but the home is “underwater”, meaning there’s more money owed than the home is worth on the market, the second mortgage might be discharged through bankruptcy.   As the Bloomington and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who work with me point out, that takes a lot of pressure off the homeowner!

If you’re a handyman, knowing your neighbor has a problem and knowing you’ve got just the right tool to help him fix that problem, you’d want to tell him or her, right? You can readily understand, then, why an Indianapolis lawyer for bankruptcy like me wants to pass along this information about Chapter 13 bankruptcy – the perfect tool to help stop foreclosure!


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