Debt Reduction Scams Make Indiana Bankruptcy Attorney’s Blood Boil

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Nobody can make a longtime Indiana lawyer for bankruptcy’s blood boil more than phony debt reduction promoters. Think about it – if you’re in need of Indiana debt help, you’re already in a bind. The absolute last thing you need is someone taking your already scarce money and then not helping you at all.  I’ve been a debt consolidation lawyer for many, many years, but the schemes and scams never seem to end.

One of my Anderson, Indiana bankruptcy lawyer colleagues read in Consumer Bankruptcy News, one of the many professional journals we circulate around the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, about a scam recently prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission in neighboring Ohio.  

It seems United Debt Associates had placed ads on 17 different websites, promising to help consumers with their credit card debts. The websites gave the false impression that the debt settlement companies would substantially reduce or eliminate consumers’ debts.  In reality, the company had no agreement from any credit card companies, yet it was collecting fees from consumers (without having any chance of making good on their promises to those consumers).

Years ago I was asked to write a guest article offering bankruptcy information in Indiana. Thinking about what was likely to give the most help to the most people, I began by explaining that one of the best ways to protect your financial and emotional health, along with that of your children, is to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

My colleagues the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers have worked with victims of bank account scams, foreclosure scams, Medicare scams, and home repair scams. That’s why I think it’s so important to caution Bankruptcy in Indiana readers:

Watch out for scams and tell your friends.  If you suspect a scam, call the office of the Indiana Attorney General at 1 800 232 6330 or go to that website at  You can also call the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices as 317 687 0000.


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