Every Day Can Be Veterans’ Day for Bankruptcy Attorney in Indiana

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The Veterans’ Day parade is over, along with the free meals for veterans from area restaurants and the playing of the “Armed Forces Medley” at concerts and business gatherings. The challenges facing veterans when it comes to finding jobs – now, that’s war veterananother story, as every bankruptcy attorney in Indiana well knows.

“As servicemembers return from Iraq and Afghanistan, they face a tough job market,” reports
Marisol Bello of USA Today

I was discussing this very issue the other day with the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices.  I realized that we’re all encountering veterans who, because of lack of a steady income, have reached the point where they need help filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana, or even need payday loan debt help

The Indianapolis Star reported that homelessness takes a heavier toll on vets, who, once they become homeless, are more likely to stay homeless for longer periods than non-veterans.  Veterans are also more likely to suffer from serious health conditions. As a longtime Indianapolis lawyer for bankruptcy who offers Indiana bankruptcy information, I was happy to learn that the Senate has approved a bill that offers tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed veterans and also provides dollars for retraining older unemployed veterans.

Of the three leading causes for individual bankruptcy in Indiana – divorce, medical bills, and joblessness – the latter two hit veterans especially hard.  Often, veterans of the military suffer from medical conditions and even physical or mental disability, presenting an extra challenge when it comes to employment, along with extra medical costs.

In my Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, I’ve highlighted some of the special exceptions provided for service members in the new bankruptcy laws of Indiana, as well as special programs our own Lilly Endowment put in place four years ago to help returning Indiana veterans.

Handling medical costs, finding well-paying employment, finding good housing, and managing debt repayment are issues for all the clients of any lawyer for bankruptcy in Indiana.  But veterans deserve extra assistance making a fresh financial start after serving our country!


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