From Pitney Bowes to Tinderbox, Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer Tracks Job Markets

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There’s a reason that I, a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana, follow every bit of news about employment in our state. It’s simple: there’s very little about bankruptcy that isn’t related to income from jobs.  

In fact, all the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Richmond, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who work in the Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices keep their eyes peeled for employment news. Perhaps new readers might find it strange for bankruptcy lawyers to take such a keen interest in job markets.  Yet it isn’t strange at all – even though the new bankruptcy laws in Indiana offer immediate relief from harassment by creditors, and even though some debts may be totally discharged through the bankruptcy process, in the long run, no “fresh financial start” can last very long without steady income from jobs.

In the past couple of weeks, there’s been a lot of news about jobs – some good, some not-so-good:

Since I always try to bring all the news I can find about jobs to my Bankruptcy in Indiana readers, here are some general forecasts I found in the past couple of weeks:

With  the general employment statistics improving, does this mean that I and all the good bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices are seeing fewer people who need Indiana bankruptcy help?

It’s a bit early to tell, but it appear that the opposite is true. I think what's happened is that, after a household has been without sufficient income for months and even years, the debt situation gets so out of hand that action must be taken. The debts that have piled up during a job layoff don't magically disappear just because now a debtor has gotten hired.

So, we’ll keep soldiering on, offering help to stop foreclosure, help keeping people in their cars, and, when that’s appropriate, help with filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana!



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