How a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Indiana Gets Paid

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If you need to file bankruptcy, (my colleagues and I explain), or even think you might need to, you want to hire an experienced consumer bankruptcy specialist trained and focused on Indiana bankruptcy law.  That’s a given, because, when you need help with something, you call a professional who can get the job done.

Funny thing, though.  After two and half decades of being a debt consolidation lawyer in Indiana, I’ve come to understand that while, a lot of people need Indiana bankruptcy help, they don’t ask for it. The reason, very often, is that they don’t understand how a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana gets paid, and, since they’re already in financial difficulty, they worry they couldn’t afford to pay an attorney.

In bankruptcy, it is common to have a fixed fee agreement with regard to filing fees. This means that the attorney agrees to accept a fixed fee for his services in assisting the bankruptcy debtor with filing and case administration.  But, you may be thinking, if I can’t pay my bills, how can I pay for filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana? The answer is simple, once you stop making monthly payments to credit cards and other non-secured loans, you’ll have the money you need.

For bankruptcy Chapter 7, the fees are less, but must be paid up front. For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which happens over a much longer period of time, the fees are larger, but can be paid in installments as part of the three to five year debt repayment plan. In fact, after the IRS and other taxes, attorney’s fees are given priority by the bankruptcy court.

It’s natural to want to know, before purchasing any product or service, how much it’s going to cost. The cost of any legal case is going to depend on how complicated the case is.  In fact, that’s why, for all of the 26 years I’ve been in practice as one of fewer than a dozen consumer bankruptcy specialists in our state, I’ve offered free consultations.  That way, there’s the opportunity to discuss your case, evaluate it, and then quote a fee, so that you know exactly what to expect. Remember, too, bankruptcy attorneys do not have latitude to charge whatever they wish – they must stay within guidelines.

There’s no question – one way or another, your bankruptcy lawyer will get paid.  The question is – will you give yourself the chance for a fresh financial start?


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