Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer Knows – You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry

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The Snickers™ ad says it all: You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

I know. After all, at the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we've helped more than 30,000 people! And the fact is, even when I’m meeting someone for the first time who is seeking my help as a debt consolidation lawyer, I can tell they are “not themselves”, and I know it’s because of all the stress they are undergoing.

Now, almost no one who’s considering filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana is actually “hungry” in the sense of having nothing to eat.  In fact, Indiana bankruptcy laws are designed to allow you to keep some assets and certainly allow you to keep enough income to pay living expenses, which of course include food costs. 

As one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues describes “hungry”, the people who visit lawyers for bankruptcy are hungry for support and for good, solid advice.  Most often due to circumstances beyond their control, those clients have reached the point where they can’t handle their financial problems without help.

For precisely that reason, at all of our five offices, we’d rather spend time, at no cost to you, meeting with you personally, helping you understand your options and decide on an appropriate course of action. That needs to happen before you pay any money – to anyone. The way we see it, we don't want to add even a couple of hundred dollars to your financial burdens before we know to what extent we can be of help. Most important, since we know you’re “not yourself”, our goal is to be a calming influence, helping you  understand that much of what you fear about individual bankruptcy in Indiana simply isn’t true.

If all of our experience is any indication, you'll leave that no-cost, no-obligation meeting with one of our bankruptcy attorneys stronger and more confident. You'll leave armed with all the facts, including how much money you're going to need. You'll leave the meeting with a step-by-step TO-DO list for gathering and organizing all the personal and financial information you'll need. We help you with the process start to finish. You can even take the required pre-bankruptcy financial education course right in our office.

We know you're fighting for your financial life perhaps on spouse’s and children's behalf as well as your own. We know the first thing you need is someone to talk to, someone with answers.  The idea is to help you “turn the page around” just like in that Snickers magazine ad.  A fresh financial start can get you back to being yourself again.





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