Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer Shares Post-Thanksgiving Job News

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While thankfulness was the theme of these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles last week, post-holiday, it’s the time for realism.

Realism, when it comes to filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana, is mostly about jobs.  Job layoffs have been one of the leading causes of Indiana individual bankruptcy, with divorce and medical costs comprising most of the rest.

But, since my focus in offering Indiana bankruptcy help is always on the future, meaning emerging from bankruptcy, it really is all about the availability of jobs.  Clients emerging from bankruptcy Chapter 7 need regular income from jobs to keep the bills paid and to start creating an emergency fund.  Those filing under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law need income to keep up with their three to five year debt repayment plans.

So, I asked all my colleagues, what news have you been hearing post-Thanksgiving 2012, about jobs in Indiana?  The answers were mixed:

An Anderson bankruptcy lawyer who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices closely follows the auto industry.  He quoted a United Business Media article:
“Economic growth remains solid in Indiana as the auto sector recover continues….”

A Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleague found more negative news:
“But in the past six months, companies, including Columbus engine maker Cummins and Evansville’s Accuride Corp. have announced layoffs.”

An Indianapolis attorney for bankruptcy noticed that the Meritor company is moving work from Canada to Plainfield, Indiana, hiring up to 82 new workers, and that Indigo Biosystems is expanding here in Indianapolis, planning to add 63 jobs over the next few years.

Both the Bloomington bankruptcy lawyers and the Richmond attorneys for bankruptcy talked about the big news about Hostess brand’s closing, which will affect thousands of Indiana jobs.

Post-Thanksgiving, it seems, is a time to talk about jobs and the regular income from jobs that makes successful emergence from bankruptcy in Indiana possible. As a longtime debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help, of course, I wasn’t happy to read in the San Francisco Chronicle, “Indiana’s manufacturing industry has seen its recovery stall, and experts predict things will get worse, as many of the state’s largest companies feel the effects of the European financial crisis and slowing growth in China.”

What IS reassuring is knowing that Indiana bankruptcy law is there to offer the promise of a fresh financial start.


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