Indiana Debt Consolidation Lawyer Offers “How Long?” Answers

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 “How long has this been going on?” is the title of a song I remember from the 70’s. It’s also a question we ask visitors to the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices. “And you said you were never intendin’ to break up our scene in this way,” the sad lyrics continue.

I know.  Whether I’m helping clients file personal bankruptcy in Indiana, Indiana small business bankruptcy, or both, it goes without saying: None of my clients intended for life’s realities to “break up their scene”.  But then an illness, a divorce, a job loss, or a negative development in their business field came along and did just that.

And, the further along in the conversation we get (a no-cost, no-obligation personal meeting is usually the first step in my process as a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana), the more the answer to the “How long?” questions becomes clear:
How long has this been goin’ on? Much, much, too long.

When it’s clients’ or readers’ turn to ask questions about Indiana bankruptcy law, many of those begin with the words “How long…?” as well.

How long must I have lived in Indiana to file bankruptcy here?

A. You must have lived in this state for “the majority of the 180-day period preceding your filing.” My colleagues the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers simplify that answer: 91 days.

How long does it take to file bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana?

A. It generally takes 60-90 days from the day your Indiana bankruptcy attorney files the paperwork until it’s all over.

How long until my creditors’ meeting and how long does that meeting take?

A. The 341 meeting of creditors takes place about one month after filing, a little longer if you file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.  In most cases the meeting itself is over in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.  In fact in routine Indiana bankruptcy cases, creditors may choose not to show up at all.

 After twenty-five years and literally tens of thousands of Indiana bankruptcy cases, offering payday loan debt help or help stopping foreclosure in many of those instances, I must say that, to me, the real “How long?” question is expressed in a song by Mesh:

                                                          And how long
                                                          And how much pain
                                                          Do we need to feel
                                                          Before we start again?

After all, that’s what bankruptcy in Indiana is really all about – starting again!





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