Indiana Divorce One Key Cause of Indiana Personal Bankruptcy

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A good part of my work as an Indiana bankruptcy attorney involves helping couples through the bankruptcy process. An even greater portion of our workdays at all five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, it seems, is taken up with helping divorced women struggling to support their children.

Before I share with Bankruptcy in Indiana readers a news story about one well-known woman’s struggles, there’s a myth I need to dispel, the myth that bankruptcy causes divorce. The truth is, no, it doesn’t. While there’s no doubt the anxiety and stress of financial troubles can put strain on any marriage, in fact, when couples face up to their problems and work together to rebuild, that can actually help heal the relationship.

Often, though, as one of my Richmond, Indiana lawyer colleagues reminds me, clients arrive asking for help after they’re already divorced.  Often, it’s women who are having the most trouble, unable to support their children because the child support payments haven’t arrived as promised.

The recent write-up about “Gossip Girl” Kelly Rutherford shows how divorce gone wrong can bring a woman to the point of filing personal bankruptcy.

  • Kelly’s German-born ex-husband was forced to leave the U.S. following visa issues.
  •  Daniel Giersch now lives in Monaco, France and has custody of the couple’s two children.
  • Rutherford claims she’s spend millions of dollars in her bid to regain custody of the children, paying for more than 40 trips to visit them plus lawyers’ fees.  This has left her in the hole financially.

As part of offering Indiana bankruptcy information, I shared with readers that an AARP study concluded that, after a crisis, including job loss and divorce, women struggle more than men. Kelly Rutherford’s situation has been so desperate she claims, she’s been forced to move in with a friend.

Here in Indianapolis, many divorced women are in the same boat, needing help to stop foreclosure on a home they can no longer afford or help to avoid being evicted from an apartment.

As any good Indiana bankruptcy attorney would agree, while 52% of people in Indiana are currently married, for many divorcees, the financial after-effects of divorce lead them to file individual bankruptcy in Indiana!



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