Indiana Lawyer for Bankruptcy Avoids Offering Post-Bankruptcy Dating Advice

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Author and financial planner Leslie Greenman poses an interesting question to single Baby Boomers: Should you go out with someone who’s filed bankruptcy?

As a debt consolidation lawyer with twenty five years’ experience offering Indiana bankruptcy help, I’m not sure I want to get into offering advice to the lovelorn.  However, I thought Greenman has some valuable observations to offer:

  • “Given the past few rocky economic years, personal bankruptcies have mounted….And one offshoot is that some of the people who cross into your dating radar may be card-carrying members of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy club.”

Good call.  Even considering only the clients of the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, where we’ve helped tens of thousands of individuals file personal bankruptcy in Indiana, some of those are certainly single, and some are bound to connect with each other.

  • “When a large corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it’s business as usual without a cloud or taint hanging overhead…But personal bankruptcy says something else.  It says ‘loser’….or, at least, it used to.”

Correct.  One of the common myths about bankruptcy in Indiana is that only deadbeats file bankruptcy.  Of course, readers of these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles know better. Most filers are far from losers, having handled their finances responsibly until some combination of divorce, job loss, and medical costs became too much to handle without help.

  • Greenman goes on to concede that very point. “Are they damaged goods who should be avoided, or just someone who…deserves a second chance?” she asks. “What matters,” she concludes, “are the circumstances that led to your suitor’s financial mess.” She’s ready to forgive people if illness and medical expenses were the underlying reasons behind a bankruptcy. She has little patience for “those who lived high on the hog until bill collectors caught up with them.”

At the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, of course, we’re here to help no matter WHAT the underlying causes are the practice of bankruptcy law in Indiana, the vast majority of those filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana were NOT “high on the hoggers”!

In discussing Greenman’s comments with my colleagues the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers, we all agreed with her that “The ideal date in the bankruptcy pool is someone who owns up to the problem and has a plan to move forward.”

In fact, we concluded, that might be the perfect description for the ideal bankruptcy client – someone who owns up to his or her problems and is ready to take action to move forward!


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