Indiana Lawyer for Bankruptcy Counts Plusses and Minuses in Indiana Employment News

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For me as an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney, the best news I heard was that Finish Line plans to add 327 jobs to the 700-person labor force it already has in Indiana. And, although Albion is far north of where the four Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices are located, I was happy to read that a New Busche plant is opening there, with the company planning to add 120 jobs. Construction job growth in Indiana as a whole rose by more than 7,000, according to the Louisville Business Journal.

When one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues called my attention to the fact that the Arden plant in Kendallville plans to close next month, causing 46 workers to be laid off, that, on the other hand was not welcome news at all.

Since for the past 25 years I’ve been a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help, the availability of good jobs is of great importance in the work I do. When there are well-paid jobs to be had, debtors are able to get back on their financial feet after filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana.  Those who’ve filed individual bankruptcy under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law are able to keep up with their scheduled debt repayments. People still need help to stop foreclosure and sometimes student loan debt help, but at least fewer come to see us bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana looking for payday loan debt help. (Readers of  these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles know what a low opinion I have of payday lending.)

Recently, the Labor Department came out with a very hopeful statistic: the percentage of adults working in the U.S. has reached 58.6 percent, the highest level in two years. On the minus side, Indiana remains one of the worst states when it comes to the wage gap between men and women.

The new bankruptcy laws of Indiana are designed to offer honest debtors the chance to make a fresh financial start. That’s what my legal career has been is all about. Remember President Clinton saying “It’s the economy, stupid!”  Well, neither I nor my clients are stupid, but for us, it really is all about the economy and the jobs!


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