Indiana Lawyer for Bankruptcy Fights to Help Veterans

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The special financial struggles which many military families experience have been in the news lately. For me as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help, there’s nothing new about it.  I’ve been doing my level best to help service members, whose struggles have been on my “radar” for many years now.

The new bankruptcy laws of Indiana follow federal guidelines in offering special protection for members of the military who are in debt.  One kind of help takes the form of a “stay” or postponement of any legal action or credit collection effort for all the time the debtor is in the service and even for another 90 days following discharge from the military.

All of the good bankruptcy attorneys of Indiana who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices were happy to hear that Governor Mitch Daniels signed a military relief extension for military families in Indiana.  This bill measure extended the time families can receive aid from one year to three.

As an Indianapolis attorney for bankruptcy, though, I can tell you the struggles are far from over. 
A much greater percentage of military families (as compared with the civilian population) are in debt.  Of particular sorrow to me is how many service members show up at our offices needing payday loan debt help.

One of the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who works with me told me how much she admires organizations that help veterans.  In fact, there are 40,000 nonprofit organizations trying to help our troops. The problem, she admits, is that giving “handouts” doesn’t fix the problems long-term. Even when many organizations offer financial literacy classes, often it’s too late and service members are already victims of predatory lenders. Veterans who are single mothers seem to share an especially difficult struggle, she adds.

Whatever it takes, from getting an absolutely needed automobile back after it’s been repossessed, help with mortgage modification, bankruptcy chapter 7 in Indiana, or filing personal bankruptcy under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, we at  Zuckerberg Bankruptcy Law stand ready to help.  Often the bankruptcy process represents the best chance any service member and the family have to make a fresh financial start.


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