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While I’ve been following the news about Stockton, California’s bankruptcy case, as an attorney for bankruptcy in Indiana, I’m a lot happier to share news from right here in Bedford, Indiana. And the news itself is happier: “Bedford will have a $29.4 million part in General Motors’ plans to invest in factories in three states to build more efficient engines and transmissions,” reports the Indianapolis Star.

To me as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help, what I find most important in this news article, of course has to do with jobs. Will this development help the job situation?  Yes and no, according to the Star. “No jobs will be added, but GM said the investments preserve 1,650 jobs at the six factories in the three states combined. The importance is simple: there’s very little about bankruptcy that isn’t related to income from jobs.  That’s why I have all the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Richmond, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who work in the Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices keeping their eyes peeled for employment news.

New Bankruptcy in Indiana readers might find it strange for bankruptcy lawyers to take such a keen interest in job markets. My regular readers realize that even though the new bankruptcy laws in Indiana offer immediate relief from harassment by creditors, and even though some debts may be totally discharged through the bankruptcy process, in the long run, no “fresh financial start” can last very long without steady income from jobs.

As I work with Indiana clients to help stop foreclosure and to get repossessed vehicles back for clients, I’m reminded every day of the importance of having regular income from jobs. That is true before, during, and after filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana.

Overall, what’s happening with jobs in Indiana?  RTV6 television channel reports that “Indiana adds 8,200 private-sector jobs.”  Unfortunately, the second half of that headline reads, “Unemployment rate shows little change.” Senator Kenley remarks “I mean, it’s good that we have more jobs, but at the same time, clearly the unemployment picture says that we just have a mediocre recovery at this point.”

I work with many single moms, for example. After more than twenty-six years of providing Indiana bankruptcy help, I know these women are fighting hard, against enormous odds, to provide financial security for themselves and their children. Income from jobs is everything, because many aren’t receiving the child support they were awarded.

No way around it: jobs and bankruptcy in Indiana – the two things are simply joined at the hip!


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