It’s All About Forms, Agrees Indianapolis Debt Help Lawyer

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After more than 26 years offering Indiana bankruptcy help, you may imagine I know only too well the devastating effect layoffs have.  I also know the importance of having regular income from employment.

In fact, as I look back over the Bankruptcy in Indiana articles I’ve been writing for more than five years now, I realize that close to 15% of them have had to do with the employment markets in Indiana.  As I tell my colleagues in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, reporting on statistics and news about jobs in our state has become a very important aspect of our work as bankruptcy lawyers.

That is precisely why I was sort of shocked to read an article on the CNN Money website talking about a labor shortage (mind you, not a JOB shortage) in northeast Indiana.

Now, to set the stage so you’ll understand just why I found this article so upsetting, picture how I spend every single one of my working days:

  • Helping to stop foreclosures
  • Offering help with personal bankruptcy in Indiana
  • Helping with student loan debt and offering payday loan debt help
  • Helping single moms and dads cope with their finances
  • Helping convert Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans to bankruptcy Chapter 7 after a job loss

So now, with that picture in your mind, you should understand why I was so blown away by what Kris Deckard said. (Deckard is executive director of workforce development for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.)  At one company, Daman Manifolds, Deckard reported, “among hundreds of applications the company will review in coming weeks, half will likely get dumped because folks won’t fill out the entire eight-page form.”  (In other words, with all the crying need for regular income, people are missing out on good jobs because they won’t take the time to fill out the forms!)

Would you believe the same problem applies to filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana?  It does.
A very large part of my work as a debt consolidation lawyer involves helping clients prepare the paperwork that must be submitted to the bankruptcy court. When people are under pressure from creditors, I guess, they simply lack the patience (as well as the knowledge) to prepared detailed lists of their own assets and liabilities.

Yet, just as with applying for a job, in bankruptcy, submitting accurate and on-time paperwork is the key to success.  That’s why all of us –  the Richmond, Bloomington, Anderson, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers spend so much of our time doing paperwork, filling in all the blanks, making sure all the information is presented fairly and correctly. Like it not, as every good bankruptcy attorney in Indiana knows, filling in the blanks is an integral part of providing bankruptcy services in Indiana!


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