Mark Zuckerberg Helps Educate Indiana Lawyers on Indiana Bankruptcy Law

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What do a Master of Kundalini Yoga and a longtime Indiana lawyer for bankruptcy have in common?

Sikh leader Yogi Bhajan’s words of wisdom include: “If you want to master something, teach it.”

Over my 26-year long career in Indiana bankruptcy law, I’ve certainly tried to put that Yoga rule into practice.  In just the last third of 2012, I will have given three important lectures in various areas of Indiana bankruptcy information, including:

  • The American Bankruptcy Institute
  • The Advanced Bankruptcy Roundtable for the Indianapolis Bar Association
  • Indiana Law Update Seminar

(While my greatest professional pride has been offering Indiana bankruptcy help to more than 31,000 different people, it’s nice to receive professional recognition as well.  You can understand that I’m very proud of the letter I received after the Indiana Law Update talk, from no less a personage than Margret G. Robb, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Indiana, who wrote:

“Thanks so much.  You reminded me why I liked bankruptcy so much.”

What kinds of things do Indiana attorneys need to learn about?  (Remember, many in my audiences are not specialists in Indiana bankruptcy law, but have general practices in family law or business law.)

  • I helped write the exemptions portion of Indiana bankruptcy law, so often I’m asked to go over those exemptions.
  • Since divorce is one of the three leading causes of bankruptcy, (that applies, by the way, to both personal and to small business bankruptcy in Indiana), I often lecture on how divorce law interacts with Indiana bankruptcy.
  • The state median family income tables change periodically, so, as a consumer bankruptcy specialist, I go over the most recent numbers (which apply to cases of Indiana bankruptcy filed on or after May 1, 2012).  Those numbers are as follows:

                                       For households with one earner: $41,249;
                                       For households with two earners, $51,237. 
                                       For households with three earners, $59, 517.

As Bankruptcy in Indiana readers can see, I’m following the Yogi’s advice, learning by teaching!




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