Non-Sugar-Coated Relief to be Found in Indiana Bankruptcy

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 "One of the hardest things to do with debt is to forgive yourself," observes Kate, urging readers to remember that "We all make mistakes or neglect to tackle something sooner rather than later."

Blame and forgiveness are two recurring themes in my work offering Indiana bankruptcy help, that's for certain. As Rheyenne Weaver adds in, "Bankruptcy seems to be fairly common in this economy, so at least there is comfort in numbers."

Small comfort, though, because, every day at the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we see proof that debt can affect mental health.  "Bankruptcy is an enormous financial and psychological stressor," is the way Bradley Koontz puts it in this book "The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge".

After more than 26 years as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy services, I'd say Koontz has it almost right. It's not filing bankruptcy that's the stressor – it's the debt and the harassment by creditors that are so hard to bear.

Psychologists agree with Koontz on one point, however: "Many of us confuse our self-worth with our net worth." Koontz' advice: "Don't get mired down in the emotional glue-trap of shame and despair.  Stand up, dust yourself off, commit to doing things differently, and start over."

My female colleague, an Indianapolis lawyer for bankruptcy, agrees with Koontz that men tend to suffer more from the strain of deciding whether to file individual bankruptcy in Indiana or not.  Koontz explains the phenomenon saying that men's self-esteem is often invested exclusively in their role as providers, while women have closer emotional ties to family and friends.

My own favorite part of the article is a quote from krisi Davison, a professor at the University of Mississippi: "There is a sense of relief from having the debts discharged, not having to worry about finances so much and not having collections calls frequently," she says.  In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to offer these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles is to describe that tremendous relief a fresh financial start can bring.

"It depends on the family situation as well," Davison adds. "A single mother with children would have more stress than a single man with no children." I couldn't agree more. After all, the majority of clients who seek my help are female, and the fact is, fewer than half of single moms receive all the child support they were awarded. lists some online support groups and discussion boards for individuals who file personal bankruptcy in Indiana or elsewhere.  Here are two of those:


This may sound like sugar-coating an unpleasant reality, but remember – I've helped literally tens of thousands of people go through the process, and I know: The bankruptcy process itself is a form of support.  It's a safety net and a source of relief, emotional as well as financial. 

Are you ready to reach out for some of that relief?


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