Personal Bankruptcy from Indianapolis, Indiana All the Way to Ireland

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When it comes to bankruptcy in Indiana, I’ve learned after 25 years offering Indiana bankruptcy help, it’s not a matter of “poor– it’s a matter of “debt”.

Ireland storyAs a debt consolidation lawyer, I often find my advice being sought not by shabbily dressed clients driving rattletrap cars, but by people who are used to extremely luxurious lifestyles. Some combination of job loss, divorce, medical emergencies, and the drop in real estate values forced them to face up to their spiraling debt situation and to seek Indiana bankruptcy help.

Usually, visitors to the Zuckerberg law offices come in feeling they’re very much alone.  Actually, though, that’s far from the case. That’s why, in these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, I find it useful to highlight stories of very famous sports figures, movie stars, and political leaders who filed personal bankruptcy not because they were “poor”, but because their debts got the better of them.

One of the Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices brought in an interesting story about something that happened only last month. A tycoon once called the richest man in Ireland was declared bankrupt by the High Court in Dublin. Sean Quinn, whose real estate fortune was valued at $6 billion just a few years ago, now has debts of approximately $3 billion.

This Sean Quinn saga makes for an interesting tidbit, to be sure, but is the story really valuable to “regular folks” in Indiana who need me to help stop foreclosure on their homes or who need student loan debt help? Here’s why I’m including this article as part of providing bankruptcy information in Indiana:

  • The new bankruptcy laws of Indiana are designed to offer a chance for a fresh financial start, and that means every honest debtor regardless of the number of zeros after the numbers.
  • Sean Quinn became a billionaire by taking risks in business. As every business person – and every Indiana small business bankruptcy lawyer – knows, not always do risks pay off as hoped.

There’s little pleasure in Sean Quinn’s bankruptcy,” remarks, explaining that Quinn’s “downfall was as unexpected as it was dramatic.”  As all good bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana would agree, though, there may be no pleasure in ANY bankruptcy, but what there is, is RELIEF!


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