Pretending Can Be Abusive, Warns Indianapolis Lawyer for Bankruptcy

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Pretending to be what you’re not can mean breaking the law. And, when the law you’re breaking happens to be the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that sets me, a longtime debt consolidation lawyer in Indiana, particularly on edge.

I think all good bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana are likely to be as outraged as I was to hear about the shenanigans of a California debt collection company called Rincom.   Employees of this company posed as legal process servers, law firm employees, and even as attorneys, demanding of consumers that they pay “court costs” and “legal fees” to avoid going to jail.  “In many instances, consumers did not even owe the debt,” explains Consumer Bankruptcy News.

In fact, every one of the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices has warned clients not to be taken in by such abusive practices by debt collectors.

For my part, I continue to warn Bankruptcy in Indiana readers that, whether abusive or within legal bounds, almost all debt collection efforts can be put on immediate hold simply by filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana. 

And, if after receiving notice of your Indiana personal bankruptcy filing, the creditors fail to back off, then (as part of the Indiana bankruptcy services I offer), I’ll go after them on your behalf.  Hard.  (Unlike them, you and I will have the law on our side.)

With more than 25 years of practicing Indiana bankruptcy law under my belt, I not only sympathize with those California residents who were frightened so badly by the fake attorneys using scare tactics, I understand why such scams can even get started and why, at least for awhile, they work.

It all has to do with human psychology.  As financial problems pile up, debtors’ self-esteem often goes sharply in the other direction.  Your mind races with worry.  What’s going to happen with my house, my reputation, my job, my spouse??? You need help to stop foreclosure, student loan debt help, maybe even student loan debt help.  With your brain so “busy”, often there’s little room for courage and even rational decision-making.

When you file individual bankruptcy in Indiana, think ending and starting.  End the harassment by creditors.  Start rebuilding.


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