Richmond Bankruptcy Attorney Knows It Depends on the Situation

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Although the Richmond bankruptcy attorney who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices there knows Indiana bankruptcy law, he also knows that, as I’m always reminding readers, IT DEPENDS. In other words, each client who files personal bankruptcy – in Indiana or elsewhere – has a different situation.  Bankruptcy courts look not only to the letter of the law, but to what’s actually going on with each client.

That attorney and I were therefore both very interested in a Wisconsin bankruptcy case ruling that had to do with a bankruptcy Chapter 7 debtor’s car. Here’s what happened:

  • A. filed bankruptcy for the primary reason that her wages were going to be garnished over car payments.
  • A. owned two automobiles and could use of a company car from her employer for work-related driving only.
  • The debtor was supporting her daughter and housing her mother while the mom recovered from surgery.
  • The court learned that A. had purchased the second car after having sold her home in a short sale when she still owned money to the mortgage company.
  • The court ruled that A could not own an extra expensive vehicle and be approved for a Chapter 7 discharge. A. and her daughter could share the one car and use the company car in case of a dire emergency.
  • The debtor would need to change to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, going on a debt repayment plan.
  • The annual bonus A. received in addition to her pay was considered by the court to be reliable enough so that it could count as regular income towards the debt repayment plan.

Over the more than 26 years I’ve been a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana, I’ve come to appreciate more and more how important my experience is for the client.  And, while there’s no way to predict with certainly how a bankruptcy judge might view a particular set of circumstances, m professional career longevity has helped clients in two ways:

  • After offering Indiana bankruptcy help in more than 30,000 different situations, I have a pretty good idea of what information is going to make the difference whether a discharge will be granted or not.  That alone saves time, heartache, and money for everyone concerned: the court system, my client, and me.
  • The fact that I have been practicing only bankruptcy law for 26 years is a big advantage to my clients, saving time and hassle.  With such a long history, I have pretty much seen every situation.

Knowing that the court is going to be considering each client’s unique set of circumstances, we use our work in preparing and submitting accurate and on-time paperwork as the key to success. That’s why all of us – the Richmond, Bloomington, Anderson, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers spend so much of our time doing paperwork, filling in all the blanks, making sure all the information is presented fairly and correctly. Like it or not, as every good bankruptcy attorney in Indiana knows, filling in the blanks is an integral part of providing bankruptcy services in Indiana!


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