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If I were forced to create a tagline summarizing all the benefits of bankruptcy in Indiana in just a few words, I’d choose “Stop ‘N Start”.

Whether I was addressing you Bankruptcy in Indiana readers or lecturing to professionals around the country on the new bankruptcy laws of Indiana, those two and a half words would serve to recap all the important features and benefits of

First, let’s talk about the “stop” capabilities of bankruptcy in Indiana.  While I wish this weren’t the case, what I, along with all the Anderson, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers find is that vistors to our offices are harried and under tremendous pressure.  They need those calls from debt collectors stopped!  They need efforts to garnish their wages stopped!  They need foreclosure attempts stopped!  They need lawsuits stopped!

That’s precisely what filing bankruptcy does – stop all collection efforts and legal proceedings, turning down all the “noise”, so that individuals have time to think and plan their next moves.  That’s why the automatic stay feature of bankruptcy is such a good thing. 

The reason I say I wish it weren’t so is that I wish clients facing financial troubles would come in earlier before all the pressures have mounted.

So, as debt consolidation lawyers offering Indiana bankruptcy help, what can my colleagues in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices do on the “start” side? We: 

  • Help you decide whether there are options still open besides personal bankruptcy in Indiana
  • Help determine which form of bankruptcy applies to your situation
  • Help you negotiate a mortgage modification in order to help stop foreclosure
  • Help you go through the debt counseling process
  • Help you create a new budget plan
  • Help you gather and organize all the information for the  paperwork you’ll need to submit

You see, after more than 25 years practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, helping tens of thousands of individuals with everything from student loan debt help to payday loan debt help, I know that the “Start” button is far, far more important that the “Stop” button.  In other words, emerging from bankruptcy is really your chance for a fresh financial start.

No one really gets a total “do over” in life, but bankruptcy in Indiana gives honest debtors a chance to start moving forward.  And for me, over all the years, that fresh start has been what my work is all about!


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