Thanksgiving Time for Indianapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

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In this 26th Thanksgiving season practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, and my 6th since I began offering these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, I’m feeling thankful.

I hoped, I explained in my very first article, to get across some of my ideas about the clients who need Indiana debt help should expect to be treated, and how important it is for us to just listen when people need to talk about their money problems, their businesses, their families, or even their health problems. From your letters and comments, and from the thanks I’ve been receiving from visitors to the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, it appears I’ve succeeded in getting the word out.

From the outset, I’ve been emphasizing that, whether we’re talking about personal bankruptcy or small business bankruptcy in Indiana, I’m thankful the process comes in “cans”:

  • In most cases, filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana CAN stop repossession activities.
  • In most cases, bankruptcy CAN help stop foreclosure.
  • In all cases, bankruptcy CAN stop creditors from harassing you and your family.

There are more reasons, this holiday season, For me to be thankful to be a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help:

  • Bankruptcy is designed to stop stress.
  • Bankruptcy buys time to plan and to appreciate the blessings we have that don’t involve money.
  • Despite the myth that bankruptcy leads to divorce, in reality it has the opposite effect.  When a married couple works as a couple to get back on their financial feet, that can signal a new beginning for their relationship.  

The Columbus bankruptcy lawyers, along with my colleagues in Richmond, Anderson, Bloomington, and Indianapolis have all embraced this policy of mythbusting and offering advice and help, and I’m thankful for their support as well.

I’m thankful that, through these articles, I’m able to share the research and opinions of psychologists and financial planners that I find in the many professional journals I read to keep up with laws and cases around the country.  One of the very first articles I shared was an interview in U.S. News, telling about a daughter who, after losing her job and incurring some unexpected medical expenses, needed to depend on her retired parents for help. “I’m extremely thankful,” she said, but…it’s a hard pill to swallow.”

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I’m thankful that my work helps people swallow those hard pills and move on to a better place in their lives.’


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