The Before-and-After of Bankruptcy Education in Indiana

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As  I explained to Bankruptcy in Indiana readers a couple of days ago, filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana means “going back to school” twice, once before filing, once before the bankruptcy trustee can discharge you from  your debts. Whatever route a client in Indiana is taking, whether bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana or Chapter 13 bankruptcy law in Indiana – every debtor must obtain credit counseling from a source approved by the United States Trustee.  That’s the reason that one of the ways we serve our clients is by making this accredited course easily available at our Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices.

Stage One of the process is based on very sound principles, things I, as a longtime debt consolidation lawyer, strongly believe in.  Before anybody files bankruptcy, they need to sit down and talk to an experienced debt professional.  Only then can they be in a position to make an informed choice.

Today, though, let’s talk more about bankruptcy education course Stage Two, so you can get an idea of the “end game”.  After all, that’s really what filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana is supposed to be about – the chance to make a fresh financial start. And even though there have been many changes in the law since I began offering Indiana bankruptcy help more than twenty-six years ago, that “end goal” hasn’t ever changed.

Pre-discharge debtor education is about developing and managing a budget and about using credit wisely. This second session might, as the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information website explains, last a little bit longer than the pre-filing counseling, maybe taking two hours. Then, a certificate proving that you’ve completed this course has to be submitted to the bankruptcy trustee in order for your debts to be discharged. Facilitating this process, helping things go as smoothly as possible, is one of the ways we serve our clients at the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices.  We make sure you’ve received services only from approved credit counseling providers.

In these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles over the past six years, I’ve been talking about the bankruptcv “system”.  And that’s exactly what it is, a system that enforces Indiana bankruptcy law and oversees the trustees who work with debtors.  

It’s reassuring, on the one hand, to know there’s a system in place to keep matters flowing smoothly and efficiently.  But, whenever there’s a big system of any kind, people can get lost in that system.  That’s exactly why I’ve committed, during my entire career as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy services, to humanizing that system, minimizing hassles and delays, and just listening and being ready to help!


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