The Male Side of Going Bankruptcy in Indiana – Part One

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My Bankruptcy in Indiana articles last week were devoted to women, exploring why more and more women are seeking help from Indiana bankruptcy law.  I quoted, who believes the 662% increase in women filing personal bankruptcy in over the past twelve years reflects “a set of social barriers that women have to face more often than men, including

  • Lower earnings
  • Divorce
  • Single mothers without child support

This week, I’d like to explore the other side of the coin, and I asked my colleagues in the five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices to share ideas on the factors that impact men filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana.

While the majority of clients who seek us out for Indiana bankruptcy help are female, one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues thinks its important to talk about divorce from the male point of view. He referred me to a website called, which has this to say:

“Federal bankruptcy courts are filled with people whose financial difficulties are directly caused by a divorce. People try for years to get back on their feet, but with court orders to pay attorneys, the assumption of debt, alimony, and child support, the possibilities can become obsolete. Unfortunately the only option is to accumulate debt.”

I continue to remind Bankruptcy in Indiana readers that while divorce and bankruptcy are two totally separate legal proceedings, they affect each other, because divorce may break a couple up legally, but financially they may well still be tied to each other after the divorce.

One Richmond, Indiana lawyer for bankruptcy quoted “If you're the spouse who pays child support or alimony, there's nothing shameful about going back to the divorce court to ask for a reduction in support payments to fit your current reduced financial circumstances. It's much better than being stuck with debt you'll never be able to catch up with or being dragged back to court and ordered to pay what you can't afford.” 

After more than twenty-six years practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, as you may imagine, I understand only too well that, even if men tend to earn higher wages overall than women, you may be having a very hard time keeping up with payments on credit cards and debts on a single salary, in addition to keeping up with child support.

In fact, divorce remains one of the three leading causes of bankruptcy for both men and women.   The problems are complex, but the sequence can be very simple:

  • Bankruptcy gets rid of debt.
  • Getting rid of debt lowers your monthly payments.
  • Lowering your monthly payments helps you free up income.
  • Freeing up income helps you take care of your family, even if you’ may no longer be residing in the same house.
  • And for men filing bankruptcy in Indiana, taking care of your family gets rid of stress.



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