The Other Mark Zuckerberg Still in the News; Attorney Mark Zuckerberg Still in the Know

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“All you two have in common is the name,” pronounced my colleague the Columbus bankruptcy lawyer, fresh from having viewed the movie The Social Network.  She found it difficult to understand why the founder of Facebook’s parents had chosen to name him after me.

As you may imagine, after more than 25 years offering Indiana bankruptcy help to tens of thousands of different people, I have some friends of my own.  Some of them even “friended” me on Facebook, although not everyone to whom I’ve provided payday loan debt help or help to stop foreclosure wants the world to know about it. (If it were not for those privacy issues, I’m sure I’d have at least as many Facebook fans as the company founder.)

Well, the “other” Mark Zuckerberg is in the news again these days, and not only because he recently married.  Last month, Facebook stock went public (it was the third largest initial public stock offering in history.)  Suffice to say things have not gone as well as expected with the stock price, and lots of people seem to be suing lots of others about it.

It’s ironic. The careers of all of the good bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana who work in the four Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices have centered around helping people face financial hardships.  Meanwhile, as the New York Times reported, “The IPO made Mr. Zuckerberg almost impossibly rich.”
I shouldn’t complain. There have been plenty of honors and satisfactions in my Indiana bankruptcy law practice over the years. I was named an Indiana Super Lawyer, while the law offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg was recognized as one of the Top 100 Bankruptcy Firms in the nation..

What really gives me satisfaction, though, is not awards and honors, but knowing that our clients are getting the best Indiana bankruptcy help from attorneys whose practices involve only bankruptcy. When you’re in a “down” period of your life, you deserve a full-time, professional-grade Indiana bankruptcy law firm. 

The name on our door is Zuckerberg.  We may not have either billions of dollars nor millions of Facebook fans, but what we do have is experience and knowhow to offer bankruptcy services in Indiana!


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