The Troublesome Trio – Women, Child Support, and Bankruptcy in Indiana: Part Two

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One very disturbing statistic, but one with which, at the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we deal with every day in our work, is that that fewer than half of single moms receive all the child support they were awarded in their divorce decrees!

I’m going to ask my Bankruptcy in Indiana readers to just think about that for a moment.  With women after a divorce being the ones most likely to be awarded custody of young children, having to cover living expenses for themselves and those children, having to pay childcare expenses (so that the moms can hold down full time jobs), not being able to rely on regular financial help in the form of child support imposes unimaginable hardship on many single moms.

Now, as a debt consolidation lawyer offering Indiana bankruptcy help, I’ve been dealing with these single mom issues for more than 26 years. If anything, the situation has gotten worse, not better. Very often, the Indiana bankruptcy system offers women the only hope for a fresh financial start.

Even so, I want readers to think beyond the actual filing of personal bankruptcy in Indiana to what happens after that. Whether the single mom files Indiana bankruptcy Chapter 7 or even files a debt repayment plan under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, she’s going to need income, steady, regular, sufficient income to bring up her children. And, more often than not, successfully emerging from bankruptcy is going to be related to collecting that child support.

Zipporah Wiseman of the University of Texas Law School writes, “One of the pressure points, and one of the most dramatic pictures, is of the economic dependency and vulnerability of women who are the heads of households in the United States Today.” Wiseman goes on to say that any common disruption, such as temporary layoff, a government program being cut, or a husband stopping child support payments, “can push a woman instantly into poverty, for her debts, like life, do not stop.”

Back in 2005, just as I was beginning to write these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, Elizabeth Warren (then a Harvard Law School professor, now senator), wrote, “Women with children are more vulnerable than ever before.  They’re spending more on the basics, so they have less flexibility in their budgets if something goes wrong.”

For all of these reasons, as one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyers likes to say, our mission is to arm.  We want any woman who leaves a meeting with any one of our attorneys armed with facts, and with confidence to face the future. When it comes to filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana, we know our women clients are fighting for their financial lives, and that the first order of business is talking with someone who has answers.


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