The Why’s of Women Going Bankrupt in Indiana – Part Three

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My Bankruptcy in Indiana articles this week have been devoted to women, exploring why more and more women are seeking help from Indiana bankruptcy law.  The American Bankruptcy Institute collected data on more than 1,000 cases of bankruptcy Chapter 7, noticing that many were single and heads of households.

I’ve been quoting one commenter,, who names three social barriers that women have to face more often than men, including

  • Lower earnings
  • Divorce
  • Single mothers without child support

Do women generally have lower earnings than men?  How does that relate to women filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana? After more than twenty-six years of providing Indiana bankruptcy help, I know that divorce, job loss, and medical expenses are the three leading reasons people in general file individual bankruptcy in Indiana. 

As I’ve continued to provide Indiana bankruptcy help to thousands of people, I also realize that the majority of them are in fact female!  That, by the way, is due to no special effort on the part of us Indianapolis lawyers for bankruptcy to attract women, but to hard statistics: In each recent year, more than one million women in our country have found themselves in bankruptcy court.

Often I find myself working with single moms needing payday loan debt help, student loan debt help, or both. Or, there might be a female entrepreneur forced into small business bankruptcy in Indiana after her divorce. Quite often, I’m called upon to help stop foreclosure, so that children won’t need to change school districts.  Whichever the situation, there seems to be one constant – not enough earnings.

Last year I read that sociologists at our own Indiana University, in cooperation with researchers at Cornell University, found that the “gender gap” in the job market hasn’t gone away.  That’s because, the researchers concluded, “Women, even when employed full time, typically have more family obligations. This limits their availability for the ‘greedy occupations’ that require long work hours.”

As an Indiana bankruptcy attorney, I've always known that women often bear the brunt of a financial crisis. That's why, as part of offering bankruptcy information in Indiana through these articles and at the five Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices around Indiana, I devote special attention to helping women take advantage of the fresh financial start bankruptcy can offer!



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