The Why’s of Women Going Bankrupt in Indiana – Part Two

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This week I’ve devoted my Bankruptcy in Indiana articles to women, exploring why more and more women are seeking help from Indiana bankruptcy law to, as the American Bankruptcy Institute puts it, “stabilize their falling economic circumstances”.

One commenter,, thinks the reason that, over the past twelve years, the number of women filing personal bankruptcy has increased an amazing 662%, is the set of social barriers that women have to face more often than men, including

    Lower earnings


    Single mothers without child support

Let’s talk about divorce and bankruptcy.  After more than twenty-six years of providing Indiana bankruptcy help, I know that divorce is, in fact, one of the three leading reasons people file individual bankruptcy in Indiana (along with job loss and medical expenses).


The American Bankruptcy Institute goes right to the heart of the matter in saying that “divorce is a financial catastrophe for many women", and I, as a lawyer for bankruptcy in Indiana, have to agree.

What isn’t true is the myth that bankruptcy leads to divorce.  The truth is, though, as one of my Bloomington bankruptcy attorneys who works in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices there, is that bankruptcy isn’t the issue that leads to divorce – not being able to pay the bills is. And, after a divorce, not being able to pay the bills is exactly the issue that plagues so many women.

As I’m always reminding Bankruptcy in Indiana readers, divorce and bankruptcy are two totally separate legal proceedings, yet they can have enormous effects on each other, and that’s particularly true when it comes to women.  The reality is that divorce may break a couple up legally, but financially they may well still be tied to each other. That’s the reason that, when divorce is part of the picture for women in bankruptcy, financial problems are often even greater, especially for the woman.

In fact, I can't tell you how often it occurs that a woman is forced to consider filing individual bankruptcy in Indiana because the expected child support payments have not come through. Sometimes, of course, that's the result of the ex-husband losing his job. Whatever the reason, it becomes an impossible task for the mother to afford child care costs so that she can go to work. Medical insurance is a big issue, too, because even if the father was able to afford the benefits through his work, he may not be able to afford the COBRA premiums once he's been laid off.

Divorce and bankruptcy mix, but don’t expect a delicious blend,” I titled one of these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles four years ago. Unfortunately, for many women,  that’s still very true today. At the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we’re determined to try and help sweeten the blend!


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