Warm-Up Exercises Before Filing Individual Bankruptcy in Indiana

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  • On page 21 of the Bankruptcy Handbook, you can find a really simple worksheet that can save both you and your lawyer for bankruptcy in Indiana you a lot of hassle.  Coming to any of the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Richmond, or Columbus bankruptcy lawyers with that worksheet filled out will be educational and informative.  It will help you find out much fastert if filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana is a road you want to travel down.
  • The form is called a Debt Analysis Worksheet, and it has only three sections: Secured Debts, Priority Unsecured Debts, and Unsecured Debts. 

Even if you can’t fill in all in five pieces of information for each debt you have, this form is a useful tool for “getting your act together” for a no-obligation consultation with me or any one of the good bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana who is my colleague.

Ideally, for each debt you owe, you’ve been able to collect these five facts:

  1. Name of the creditor
  2. Outstanding balance of the debt
  3. Monthly payment
  4. Interest rate
  5. Amount past due

Getting that form done is like the warm up exercises you’d do before attempting a bicycle race or a five-kilometer run.  How can just those five facts about each of your debts make it easier for you to get affordable Indiana bankruptcy help? What can I, as your attorney, do with that information?


  • Help you prioritize your payments.  Of course, we both wish you were in a position to keep up with all your debts, but, as one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyers likes to say, “The cookie just didn’t crumble that way.”
  •  Help you negotiate with creditors. As a Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist, one of only a dozen in the State of Indiana, I can have skilled property appraisals run, and prepare the debt-income ratios necessary to talk with your creditors. Having a skilled legal negotiator at your side during every step of the process can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome. But I need to have the information on that form!

After more than 25 years practicing bankruptcy law, I’m used to categorizing debts.  What I’ve learned, though, is that if YOU do some of the sorting out of your debts before we met, that gets YOU geared up for control and for action. I, then, take over from there, preparing all the paperwork needed for either bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Meanwhile, you’re all warmed up for your fresh financial start!


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