When Debt Overwhelms, Don’t Continue With Your Day, Cautions Indiana Lawyer for Bankruptcy

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“Nation refuses to Read Headline” is one headline that got the attention of one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues.  In fact, all of the Indiana bankruptcy attorneys who work in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices spent a good part of the day talking about it!  The Washington Post headline began:

                             “4-Year-Old Girl Forced To…”

Millions of Americans, according to a feature writer from The Onion, confirmed they quickly closed their laptops or folded away their newspapers because “there was no possible ending to the headline they could tolerate.” Readers simply could not bear to go about their day with the sort of horrifying news hinted at in that headline.

In my more than twenty-five years as a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana, I know the psychology.  We humans don’t like to confront ugly realities, particularly when those realities involve us and our finances.  In my profession, I see proof of this every single day.

For every one hundred people, for example, who come to see me to get help stopping foreclosure or student loan debt help or payday loan debt help, I know there are five hundred others who aren’t asking for the help they desperately need. Not only are those folks not coming to my bankruptcy law offices, they’re not coming to anybody’s office to get advice! It’s as if they can’t deal with the rest of the “headline”.

Now, that news about the 4-year-old whose adorable photo was next to the Washington Post headline, awful as it was, had to do with somebody else other than the reader who closed his or her laptop or who folded up his or her newspaper.

But for all those people for whom filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana could be their only ticket to a fresh financial start, it’s their own story they’re refusing to “read”. The pre-bankruptcy symptoms are there, but we refuse to heed the all-too-obvious diagnosis and take steps to obtain debt relief.

When debt overwhelms, don’t just continue with your day, hoping the problems will disappear. At the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we aim to help you continue with your LIFE!


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