When the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Plays, Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyers Applaud

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Now, there was a concert that any lawyer for bankruptcy in Indiana can appreciate! Last month, Chrysler Group celebrated its third anniversary of emerging from bankruptcy by hosting four symphony concerts for its employees.  8,000 hourly and salaried employees thought the concerts were a good idea too, turning out to enjoy the music and the thank you speeches by Chrysler executives.

Among the musical numbers included in the “Symphony of the Brands” was Eminen’s “Lose Yourself”. That’s ironic, because one of my Columbus bankruptcy lawyer colleagues refers to bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana as a way to “find yourself” and “get your life back”.

A debt consolidation lawyer myself for more than 25 years, I agree.  When I see people worried about how to find work and how to pay for medical care, when people come to ask me to help stop foreclosure on their home, or for payday loan debt help, they have a lot to deal with.  After going through the process of filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana, they are going to have a lot to celebrate. Sure, there will be a lot of challenges to overcome along the way, but emerging from bankruptcy means beginning again with a lot of the worries gone.

Bankruptcy can be a beginning, a chance for a fresh financial start for individuals, families, and companies.  The whole point of my work as a consumer bankruptcy specialist is to focus on the end result, the emergence from bankruptcy. So one of the things that happens when people come to one of my five Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, and they are distraught from all the overwhelming financial pressure, is that we paint a picture for them. It’s a picture of the results that can come out of filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana or small business bankruptcy in Indiana.

No, we don’t have a symphony orchestra performance every time one of our clients successfully emerges from bankruptcy . But I liked reading about that concert for Chrysler.  I liked it a lot, because if there’s one important point I want to get across in these Bankruptcy in Indiana article it’s that the bankruptcy laws of Indiana are designed to begin (to borrow a phrase from Mr. Covey) with the end in mind!



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