Whole-Truths About Bankruptcy in Indiana

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Myths are falsehoods with a dab of truth mixed in, I’ve found.  And nowhere is this a truer statement than in myths about filing personal bankruptcy in Indiana.

The biggest myth about bankruptcy, of course, is that it will “ruin your credit”. I know a Columbus bankruptcy lawyer who gets really impatient when she hears that statement.  “Let’s get real,” she might actually say to a client. “You wouldn’t consider filing an Indiana individual or small business bankruptcy in the first place if your credit were in fabulous shape.”

After more than 26 years offering Indiana bankruptcy help, I think I tend to be a bit more sympathetic than that. But, more important, I know the truth: filing bankruptcy can actually help you rebuild credit. How can that be, you ask? Well, think about that for a moment.  If you want lenders to consider letting you borrow from them, you first have to put yourself in a position where you can afford to make the payments on those loans.  As a debt consolidation lawyer, I can tell you that the best way to do that is to get rid of some of the debts you already have! The fastest way to do that, to rebuild your credit, may be to use the new bankruptcy laws of Indiana to help you become creditworthy once more.

Since I’m posting this in April, as we come up on tax filing date, let’s talk about another one of the big falsehoods-with-truth-mixed-in bankruptcy myths, the one about not being able to get rid of taxes through filing Indiana bankruptcy. We (and by “we” I mean all the good bankruptcy attorneys in the five Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices around central and southern Indiana) get rid of old income taxes for our clients all the time. The piece of truthful info that’s mixed in here, by the way, has to do with the fact that filing bankruptcy cannot get rid of withholding taxes or sales taxes, no matter how old those tax liabilities happen to be.

See, the thing about myths that’s so harmful is not the half-truths contained in the myths, but the half-falsehoods, because that’s what keeps people from taking the actions they ought to in order to move forward with their lives. This week I’ve decided my Bankruptcy in Indiana readers could use a few doses of whole-truths in place of all the “Only……” “You will never…..”  “Everyone will….”  “They will…..”  “If you…….” half truths about filing individual Indiana bankruptcy.


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