“Will Cut in Military Benefits Mean More Military Bankruptcy?” asks Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Over the 25 years I’ve served as a longtime debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcyFemale soldier and her child services in Indiana, I’ve seen many changes in the law, many political figures’ rise and fall, and debates going on in national, state, and local politics. It’s been only in recent months, however, that so much debate has centered around military benefits for U.S. veterans

Every good lawyer for bankruptcy in Indiana has been faced with the realization that serving our country can lead to a fight for veterans’ financial life once they’re back home. Finding well-paid employment and good housing, plus managing debt repayments are all issues for many veterans and their families.

The big debate raging in Congress for the past half year has been about cutting the deficit. Now, even though I’ve actually appeared before Senate subcommittees to discuss bankruptcy law, my intention in this Bankruptcy in Indiana article is not to get involved in politics, but to make readers aware of the very-much-in-the-news debate about military benefits.

As my colleagues the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers all know, there’s been a big increase in the last few years in military foreclosures. This is happening despite many special protections that are in place for active service members and for veterans, including lowering the interest rates on their mortgages and reducing their monthly payment amounts. Our bankruptcy laws make special allowances for veterans, allowing them to have higher incomes and still qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indiana, for example.

The headline issue we’re reading about these days is not about those special benefits, but about thelifetime health care, called TRICARE, now provided to veterans. Due to the budget crunch, there is now talk of having veterans pay more for these health benefits.

Where do I weigh in on all of this? For all these years of practicing Indiana bankruptcy law, I’ve made it a mission to prevent service members from being evicted from their homes, and provide payday loan debt help (that trap is particularly prevalent among service members). I continue to try to guard the financial interests of Indiana Guardsmen and their families.

At the four Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices, we continue to fight the good fight on behalf of veterans, grateful for the safety net of bankruptcy in Indiana!


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