With Whom Do You Hobnob During Bankruptcy in Indiana?

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Often, in these Mark Zuckerberg Bankruptcy in Indiana articles, I refer to the “bankruptcy court” or the “bankruptcy judge”. 

Truth is, though, that of the tens of thousands of people to whom I’ve offered Indianacolleagues bankruptcy help over the past 25 years, only a handful ever got to see a bankruptcy judge or “go to court” in the way we see in criminal cases on TV.  As all my colleagues in the four Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices will confirm, most of your contact is with your Indiana lawyer for bankruptcy.

As your Indiana bankruptcy attorney, after I’ve helped you complete your financial statements and you’ve signed them, I submit those to the court on your behalf.  The only time you yourself would expect to be anywhere near an actual courtroom is at the bankruptcy creditors’ meeting, which might not even be held at the courthouse itself. (I’ll be explaining more about what happens at the creditors’ meeting in my next article.)

I can assure you, based on my experience as a debt consolidation lawyer offering bankruptcy services in Indiana, that even at the creditors’ meeting itself, you will not be facing a judge. Instead, the meeting is run by a trustee.  If you’re filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Indiana, the person in charge is called an Interim Trustee; if you’re filing under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law in Indiana, there will be a Standing Trustee.

The trustee is going to be in charge regardless of whether you’re filing because you need payday loan debt help, help to stop foreclosure, help with medical debt, or even student loan debt help.  I will be working with you to prepare the petition, but the process itself is very standard.

The trustee is generally an attorney from the local community, working under the supervision of a U.S. Trustee connected with that region.  As an Indianapolis lawyer for bankruptcy, for example, I work within the Southern Indiana Bankruptcy District.
Once your bankruptcy petition has been approved, the trustee will be managing and overseeing the process.  You no longer need to deal with your creditors, who will be notified that you’ve filed personal bankruptcy in Indiana, and that they are to halt all collection efforts against you.  All that is handled by the trustee.

So, with whom can you expect to “hobnob” during the process of filing bankruptcy in Indiana? Briefly, with the bankruptcy trustee who is managing your case.  Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with an Indiana lawyer for bankruptcy like me!


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