Women and Bankruptcy in Indiana

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Readers of both genders have been commenting on these Bankruptcy in Indiana articles..  But the fact is, the majority of clients who seek the help of the debt consolidation lawyers in the Zuckerberg bankruptcy law offices are female. That’s due to no special effort on our part to attract women, but to hard statistics:  In each recent year, more than one million women in our country have found themselves in bankruptcy court.

The Journal of Financial Planning, one of the many professional journals I read in order to offer readers and clients the most up-to-date Indiana bankruptcy information, comments on that statistic, titling an entire article “Women Hit Hardest by Life Crises.”  An AARP study agreed: :”After a crisis”, it found, “women struggled more than men.”

Over my more than twenty-five years offering Indiana bankruptcy help, I’ve worked with women from every walk of life – single, married, divorced, homemakers, career women, entrepreneurs, young and old. My experience is congruent with what I hear from the Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Columbus bankruptcy lawyers – a large number of our women clients who file personal bankruptcy in Indiana either had already gone through a divorce or were dealing with an upcoming divorce.  Statistics show that fewer than half of single moms receive all the child support they were awarded in divorce court.

The Woodstock Institution researched the bankruptcy situation in Cook County, Illinois, concluding that “women make up a larger share of individual bankruptcy filers in all communities…than men do.”  In fact, they found that “of all bankruptcy cases in Cook Country between 2006 and 2010, 45% were filed by women-headed households, while only 31.8% were filed by male-headed households.

Often I find myself working with a single mom who needs payday loan debt help, student loan debt help, or both.  Or, there might be a female entrepreneur forced into small business bankruptcy in Indiana after her divorce.  Quite often, I’m called upon to help stop foreclosure, so that children won’t need to change school districts.

Whatever the situation, I know that careful Indiana bankruptcy planning results in better outcomes.  And, really, that’s the whole idea behind the help we offer – making sure the outcome is the best it can be in each situation – most especially when there are children!




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